• Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings

We are steel and bronze window manufacturers and iron and brass craftsmen since the end of the 20th century. Our story begins in Venice, the fascinating city where everything seems unreal, where magic is strong in each little street, the place where you never really know what you will find at the end of each bridge, canal, or path.

While a child, at the knee of his uncle Augusto, a renown craftsman in the region,  Bruno learned the artisanal craft of fine metalwork, using both iron and bronze. Looking to continue and enhance the lessons taught him by his uncle, Bruno migrated the 200 miles sout-west to Florence, an area long associated with the finest bronze work throughout the globe. 

As word of his craftsmanship spread, Bruno decided that there was an opportunity of applying his craft in the arena of custom fenestration creating luxury metal windows. The result of his revelation:

COMEP Infissi.... COnstruction MEtal Pellegrin.. 

Year after year our reputation grew culminating in the collaboration with Secco Sistemi,  the world’s first thermally broken steel and bronze window system, and the benchmark by what the other companies and systems aspire to be. 

Today we “MARRY” the best of “OLD WORLD” Artisanal Craftsmanship, with today’s modern manufacturing processes/techniques. Our ability to effectively manage these two decidedly different groups, (one left side of the brain, and the other right), enables us to provide the finest finished products at a uniquely distinctive value. 

Continuing the company’s  natural progression, Bruno’s son Gianluca, after University, has joined the Familial Flagship, and is now responsible, for the future endeavors of the company moving forward.  Bruno is still  spearheading our efforts, and guiding Gianluca on future endeavors, waiting for the day when his grandson or granddaughter are ready to begin their reign and tutorials, and there children etc etc etc….. 

Bruno Opens our first metal shop; Thus the legacy began


Bruno opens his own metal shop: COnstruction MEtal Pellegrin

The first thermally Broken Window


Comep produces its first thermally broken window using EBE, the new thermally broken frame designed by Secco.

New machineries for windows and door production is added


CoMeP invests in CAD.CAM machinery, allowing for heightened production and quality standards. This allows for an increase of our production capabilities while maintaining the artisanal nature of the product for which we are recognized.

Bruno’s son, Gianluca, joins the family business to carry on teh traditions


Today, Gianluca manages the sales and Bruno oversees all Comep activities.

The first US project


COMEP sells its first project in US providing the revolutionary slim thermally broken frame, OS2, just designed by Secco.

Factory Expansion


As word spreads internationally of the quality associated with the CoMeP name, and the resulting increased demand, for our products internationally, The first factory expansion takes place, next door to Bruno’s original shop.

COMEP USA is founded


Due to the overwhelming increase in projects in the USA, CoMeP opens the COMEP USA office to better serve the US client Base.

New factory expansion


Word of our quality continues to spread, necessitating a second expansion in only 5 years. In 2018 CoMeP begins the renovation of a new building to expand the Welding, Hardware, and finish departments and hiring new employee as a result of our increased production.

Impact Rated Certifications


Due to the increased demand of Hurricane Rated products in high-velocity wind zone such as South Florida and the Caribbean, CoMeP begins the testing and approval process for many of their Thermally Broken Bronze and Steel Windows and doors.

New factory expansion and New Machineries


Continuing to invest in better processes, all with the goal of bettering our service, before during and after the sale, our Third Expansion in 7 short years begins! The addition of new computer-aided machinery to help in expediting the machining and production process are acquired. The result is even greater quality control of the finish product.