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A perfect cycle of production led to the best Italian windows and doors

At Comep you can find truly Italian Windows and Doors, every product we realize is designed and produced in Italy, something we are more than proud to say, it is our own way to enhance our roots, our background, the art and the masterpieces that have made the Made in Italy brand famous worldwide.

Like many others, we could outsource our production to Eastern Europe or the Far East, but instead, we stay the course Tradition Family, always dedicated to offering the finest quality above the numbers and profits.

So we continue, as our ancestors to produce in the heart of Tuscany, COMEP is located on the hills surrounding Florence, a few minutes away from La Magia, an important villa once belonged to the Medici family, still, the place where you can find the best artisans, a Legacy in which we strongly believe to guarantee the highest level of quality for our products and an important tradition we want to preserve.

Every project that aims at excellence must be shared by several specialists, only if different skills intersect you can create the most harmonious, beautiful and valuable product. From the raw materials to the end products the human touch has primary importance. That’s why we love to consider COMEP as a family, is a place where artisans are free to express their talent and creativity in processing and transforming noble materials, such as bronze and steel, in Luxury windows and doors. What we realize is one of a kind, the result of our team's hard work and strong passion for everything related to challenges, creativity, and passion. The artisanal touch, who makes a product exclusive and valuable, is extended not only to the window manufacturing but, also to the patina. It is there where our craftsmen find the richest humus to express their abilities and artisanal sense with finishes that are unique and exclusive.

The above images show a small sampling of some of the intricate work required to produce products so highly engineered and of such beauty. We hesitate to use the word Beauty as it is a subjective term, but we strive for perfection in every perfectly placed screw, and invisible weld. You should expect nothing else!

The Metal Window and Door production is like an emotional trip in our artisanal history, where simple and humble tools such as files, grinding wheels or sandpapers, become indispensable to sculpt windows and doors of handmade feeling.

Our purpose is to combine the maximum of innovation and technological excellence with the emotions that only the human hands can convey. Our goal is to excite our clients while looking at their windows and doors bringing them into our every day, a world made by a family of craftsmen with uncommon abilities and attention to details that results in products of lasting integrity and beauty that we are proud to produce for the world’s most important structures... Yours... Solid, long-lasting, hurricane impact windows and doors able to outline a new idea of home.