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    COMEP is a family run business enhancing every day the authentic “Made in Italy” brand with its hand made products and tailored solutions. We’re door manufacturers, we’re window manufacturers, we believe in create the product that can perfectly meet your needs and desires.

Contact us and we’re open our door…

That’s why we can go beyond the classic “elegant” or “stylish” entry door or the most safe “hurricane impact window”: our goal is to design and realize your custom-made door. We are artisans from the end of the World War II, we are specialized in door and window manufacturing and our passion is so strong that we believe in continually innovate and research.

That’s why our products have been used in many kinds of high-end and luxury projects all over the world. We’re the only one able to combine “handmade” with “made in Italy” and “innovation”. Contact us now, we’re listening to you. Comep, beyond outside and inside.


Viale Europa 440
51039, Quarrata (PT)
T. +39 0573.73 54 22


1001 Brickell Bay 2717A
FL33131, Miami (FL)


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