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Looking for something really impressing? Go beyond your imagination with us

Prestigious properties often call for unique and exclusive masterpieces to enhance the importance and the architecture of the building, and that's where our products have a key role.

You can sculpt your facade with high-classy curtain wall systems or, impress your guests with sliding panels of great dimensions that literally fluctuate in the air.

Our Curtain Walls are made of metal alloys that, thanks to their strength, leave you the freedom to design your desired opening, enhancing the emotional impact of your facade. Starting from Steel, Stainless Steel, Cor-ten, and Architectural Bronze, select your preferred material to convey your building the appeal you are looking for.

Go beyond your imagination and discover how to annul the weight exploiting the magnetic levitation. Zero gravity opens to a new concept of sliding panels that are not limited by their weight and size.

You can use steel and bronze to create sliding panels of incomparable dimensions that levitate in the air and can be moved with the sole fingers pressure.

Are you also looking for insect screens to match your steel or bronze windows?

Casement or sliding insect screens can be made in steel or bronze to be integrated with your windows and doors maintaining the same narrow sightlines. 

Looking for a concealed solution? Not a worry, roll screens can be furnished with manual operation or with automatic aid that can be integrated with your domotic system.

Thanks to our continuous research and handcrafted approach we can propose limitless solutions for high-end architecture and interior design. We are widely recognized for our bespoke manufacturing, for our ability to create unique products and that’s why we’re already listening to your ideas. Contact us now and start designing your new luxury doors or windows

Comep, your vision, our mission


Zero Gravity

Have you ever thought to operate a Lift and Slide door of great dimensions with a finger?

We know, it sounds crazy, but we can make it happen. Exploiting the magnetic levitation, it is possible to fabricate sliding doors in steel or bronze that levitate on a track in th ...

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Curtain Walls

From the most recent history the solution able to blend quality with value and attention to details, the curtain wall

Curtain wall is the perfect choice for the lovers of technological innovation and design. Build the exterior of your house enhancing the emotional impact, make the exterior appeara ...

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