• Zero Gravity

    beyond your imagination

Have you ever thought to operate a Lift and Slide door of great dimensions with a finger?

We know, it sounds crazy, but we can make it happen. Exploiting the magnetic levitation, it is possible to fabricate sliding doors in steel or bronze that levitate on a track in the total absence of gravity. Discover the beauty to sculpt your ideal opening maintaining practical user experience.

0G (zero gravity) borns from the need to operate big lift and slide doors without automation aid, annulling its weight through the magnetic levitationThe peculiar mechanism of passive magnets is able to lift large masses along a thin track recessed into the floor. The sliding panels literally fluctuate in the air, freed from its weight, it flows effortlessly, slowed down only by the inertia of the mass.


Zero gravity opens to a new era of the architecture, designers are now able to design Lift and slide door panels of great dimensions while maintaining an extremely practical user experience with levitating panels that slide in the total absence of gravityAmong endless solutions there’s yours, we can meet every architectural need.

Just innovate, don’t imitate.


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