• Curtain wall


From the most recent history the solution able to blend quality with value and attention to details, the curtain wall

Curtain wall is the perfect choice for the lovers of technological innovation and design. Build the exterior of your house enhancing the emotional impact, make the exterior appearance dominates over everything. 

The curtain wall separate the interior from the exterior, also providing for incredible durability, thermal insulation, water, air and saline corrosion resistance. 

Curtain walls can also become more cost competitive as the wall area increase. Thanks to the system’s ability to resist to air and water infiltration, they are energy efficient, also adding many long-term saving benefits. Exalt your personal style enjoying the greatest flexibility in design, take the art of architecture to a new and innovative definition.

Comep’s curtain walls are created with a system of thermally broken profiles, perfect for achieving a high level of design, simple but sturdy. Through the Termica UP variant we can use an existing load bearing sub-structure while maintaining maximum freedom of design and guaranteeing heating features at the same time.

A curtain wall consist basically in the use of two components: the glass and the frame. Mixing the simplicity of these two elements with the power to create, you can design the perfect exterior of your home (as every residential building), company headquarter or the storefront. Get the top from the natural light inside your house or shop!

Comep, beyond outside and inside.