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    Let us introduce the wood clad windows and doors!


Let us introduce the wood clad windows and doors!

Have you ever heard about “wood cladwindows or doors?
Let’s start from the words, let us answer to the common question.


What does wood clad means?”

The term “clad” refers to the covering of the exterior part of a window or a (exterior or patio) door. The mix of “wood” and “clad” expresses a solution able the enhance the cozy and romantic appeal of the wood in the interior space of a home, while preserving the window (or door) on the outside with an aluminium clad shell. Which means you can have durable, long-lasting, low maintenance wood (and clad) windows and doors with their historical significance and timeless beauty.

If you love more the rustic atmosphere than a minimalistic one, than the wood clad doors and windows could be your perfectly fitting solution. Our wood clad products combine modern functionality with outstanding details, this particular handcrafted approach exalts the ancient window-making tradition and process, while assure you can get a lifetime lasting product.
All the desirable features of the wood, without the cost of continue maintenance.

The exterior is designed to improve durability and longevity, but also to withstand the bad weather conditions.Flexibility is the “key word” to discover these products: there are no limits to your imagination, thanks to the experience and to the strong passion of our craftsmen we can realize a unique, handmade and one of kind products.
A completely customized solution representing the excellence of the Made in Italy brand, the Dolce Vita style will define your own storefront, shop or house.
Comep, beyond outside and inside.

What is the best material for your luxury windows and doors?

The choice of materials isn’t simple because the same element must respond to many needs. Aesthetic look, energy efficiency, insulation capacity and safety. We can enhance your project with a selection of natural, prestigious and timeless materials, such as steel, architectural bronze, stainless steel, wood clad, always providing for high resistance and long-lasting durability (with low maintenance). Each material is elevated by several custom patinas, obtained by the artistic sense of our craftsmen, where each surface is unique and exclusive for an unparalleled charm. We’re here to help you discovering all the characteristic of each material.

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