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    Steel doors and windows, perfect everywhere.


Steel doors and windows, perfect everywhere.

We are a steel doors and windows manufacturers company located in Florence and we believe in providing for the best integration between the functional and the aesthetic profiles of our products, provided in FeP02 with a GZ200 hot zinc coating that protects from oxidation both interior and exterior surfaces.


Our aim is to answer to all your needs and meet all your expectations for your industrial or residential projects, with a custom made product, following your design in every details, from the frame of a window to the glass.


Steel is one of our favorite materials because it provides architects or clients the highest freedom to express their ideas, because of its strength, it is possible to design grand openings with the slimmest frame. The dreams become true, new trends come to existence.

The evolution of steel frame constructions changed the concept of the wall: the use of steel made the impossible possible, providing for stronger and taller buildings with less materials than stone or brick. Steel profiles became the key to the reflect your own style without limits.


Our doors and windows represent carefully the excellence of the Made in Italy brand. Every day we work to enhance the strong passion and skills of our craftsmen, exalting their handmade and one of a kind masterpieces, while supporting our research and development area.


Comep’s steel doors and windows can fit modern and historic architecture, also improving outstanding characteristics such as: anti-intrusions, low maintenance, heat and cold insulation (conductivity 4 times lower than aluminum), fire resistance and finally countless design options. All paint coatings are available in a wide range of RAL colors.

It’s the handcraft approach to make the Italian windows and doors the top of the luxury world, choosing our family-run business you will get a made to measure the solution, built to reach the maximum performances, perfectly fitting your idea of the your new house.


Comep, your vision, our mission

What is the best material for your luxury windows and doors?

The choice of materials isn’t simple because the same element must respond to many needs. Aesthetic look, energy efficiency, insulation capacity and safety. We can enhance your project with a selection of natural, prestigious and timeless materials, such as steel, architectural bronze, stainless steel, wood clad, always providing for high resistance and long-lasting durability (with low maintenance). Each material is elevated by several custom patinas, obtained by the artistic sense of our craftsmen, where each surface is unique and exclusive for an unparalleled charm. We’re here to help you discovering all the characteristic of each material.

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