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    The award-winning choice of architects and engineers, corten steel


The award-winning choice of architects and engineers, corten steel

Corten steel, also called “weathering steel” is a corrosion resistant steel alloy, originally developed by U.S. Steel. It was called “Corten” because of its excellent properties: CORrosion resistant and TENsile strength. It’s the top choice of architects, designers and artists for its unique look, which can make a simple panel or a theory of windows appear as a work of art.

As time passes this material develops a rust layer, which, day by day, transforms into a patina. The colors change, from a fresh orange to a light or dark brown, depending from atmospheric conditions of the site and from the level of pollution of the area. The result, the “rust-like” appearance, is simply outstanding, even after years of exposure to weather influences.

Corten steel is a fascinating combination of durability, hardness and style.
It’s aesthetically perfect for the restoration of historical buildings thanks to the sensation of returning to the past that it communicates. It’s also ideal for modern architecture, performing best when structural strength is required alongside aesthetic appeal, thus fulfilling all possible design requirements.

Corten is ten times more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steels, also for uses in critical situations, it’s absolute guarantee of long life and low maintenance costs (it was developed in order to eliminate the need for painting), it’s a natural material, 100% unlimited recyclability.

Discover the freedom to project your dreamlike building, there’s no limit to imagination. You can use corten to give a curb appeal to the facade of your home or storefront, you can outline stunning interior solutions, you can give your industries’ headquarters a superb, prestigious and contemporary touch.
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What is the best material for your luxury windows and doors?

The choice of materials isn’t simple because the same element must respond to many needs. Aesthetic look, energy efficiency, insulation capacity and safety. We can enhance your project with a selection of natural, prestigious and timeless materials, such as steel, architectural bronze, stainless steel, wood clad, always providing for high resistance and long-lasting durability (with low maintenance). Each material is elevated by several custom patinas, obtained by the artistic sense of our craftsmen, where each surface is unique and exclusive for an unparalleled charm. We’re here to help you discovering all the characteristic of each material.

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