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Buildings are made to serve various purposes and that’s why we can meet your expectations providing for windows and doors made with different materials, but always creating a luxury curb appeal to your shop, home or company office.

Windows and doors are crucial to revealing the style and the personality of the owner of the home or storefront, they actually play an essential role in each building from many points of view, such as thermal insulation, soundproofing, sunlight protection, ventilation, and, obviously, aesthetic finishing.


Windows and doors define the atmosphere of every living or commercial structure, playing an important part in your daily life. And that’s why we are really fanatical about using the right materials in the right places.

Did you know that one of the key factors to outline the energetic class of a building are frames?

Thermally broken windows and doors, for example, can help to achieve the best thermal insulation.


So, what is the best material for your luxury windows and doors?

The choice of the materials is not simple, because you have to compare steel, bronze, stainless steelwood clad and many other in order to identify the best solution perfectly answering to your needs. We’re here to help you to discover several possibilities, always providing for high resistance against bad weather conditions (we also produce hurricane impact windows), easy cleaning, warm look, long-lasting durability (with low maintenance) especially on saline environments as required for all the coastal homes.


Thanks to our continuous research and handcrafted approach we can propose limitless luxury solutions for high-end architecture and interior design. Discover our portfolio and contact us to discover more about our materials, finishes and frames.

We are widely recognized for our bespoke manufacturing, for our ability to create unique products and that’s why we’re already listening to your ideas. Contact us now and start designing your new luxury doors or windows!


Comep, your vision, our mission



Steel doors and windows, perfect everywhere.

We are a steel doors and windows manufacturers company located in Florence and we believe in providing for the best integration between the functional and the aesthetic profiles of our products, provided in FeP02 with a GZ200 hot zinc coating that protects from oxidation both interior and exterior surfaces. Our a ...

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The award-winning choice of architects and engineers, corten steel

Corten steel, also called “weathering steel” is a corrosion resistant steel alloy, originally developed by U.S. Steel. It was called “Corten” because of its excellent properties: CORrosion resistant and TENsile strength. It’s the top choice of architects, designers and artists for its unique look, which can ...

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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, luxury and timeless material

Stainless steel is for sure one of the preferred choice of leading edge architects and designers in order to create something unique and captivating. Stainless steel windows and doors enhance an highly sophisticated and minimalist elegance, evaluating the simplest design to the ultimate concept of luxury.  Stainle ...

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Architectural Bronze

bronze, the modern touch recalling sumptuous past

Bronze is the most prestigious material you can choose for windows, doors, and hardware. Look more closely each elements: hardware, for example, is a very important part of achieving the perfect look for your house. Bronze hardware, bronze windows and doors can create that something special and different making you ...

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Let us introduce the wood clad windows and doors!

Have you ever heard about “wood clad” windows or doors? Let’s start from the words, let us answer to the common question.   What does wood clad means?” The term “clad” refers to the covering of the exterior part of a window or a (exterior or patio) door. The mix of “wood” and “clad” express ...

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