• W50TB


W40, the par excellence for FerroFinestra Windows and Doors, provides a suite of different metal profiles, designed by Ottostumm, for the manufacturing of hot-rolled steel or bronze windows and doors. The minimalist aesthetics of solid hot-rolled profiles and their ability to shape windows is unique and convey to the end products an everlasting elegance emphasizing the facade transparency.


Born by the need to combine the steel and bronze window uniqueness with modern comfort and regulations, the W50TB variant provides for thermally broken steel or bronze windows that are identical and mimic the shapes and reveals of the original iron windows. The perfect match makes W50TB ideal for the renovation of windows in historic or heritage buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries and a very distinctive choice for high-end residential and boutique buildings or custom homes.


The Architectural Bronze halves that make up the thermally broken profiles are extruded, which means the material is pre-heated to become malleable and then pushed through a mold that shapes the profile at the desired form.


Thanks to this process, we are able to fabricate extruded bronze windows, also known as solid bronze with thermally broken frames. Every bronze product is made of copper alloys that convey windows and doors an undisputed charm.


We can meet all your expectations with crafted windows and doors that are often the most noticeable feature of prestigious properties. Our handcrafted approach is intended to design the ideal custom windows, each piece we realize is one of a kind, the result of the hard work of our craftsmen


Windows and doors fabricated from hot rolled steel profiles having visual jamb sections that vary from 1 1/16” to 2 3/16 (55 mm) and a depth suitable to house single or double insulated glazing panes. W40 is the original FerroFinestra that are windows and doors made with iron frames. Over the years, the original steel windows, have been integrated the possibility to manufacture also Architectural Bronze Windows and doors though the B40 variant that provides for hot-rolled solid bronze profiles. With Bronze we refer to a copper alloy that once burnished presents an appealing patina that is evoke the real Antique Bronze.


W50 TB

Windows and doors fabricated from thermally broken metal frames having visual jamb sections that vary from 1 1/16” (27 mm) to 2 3/16” (55 mm) and a depth suitable to house double insulated glazing. W50 TB reproduces the same shapes and sizes of the original W40, but with thermally broken properties ideal to replace windows and doors placed in historical buildings objected by landmark approval. In the W75 TB variant the frame thickness has been increased to house also triple insulated glazing. As done for the W40, W75TB provide also for extruded bronze windows made by solid brass profiles.