• Architectural Bronze

    bronze, the modern touch recalling sumptuous past

Architectural Bronze

bronze, the modern touch recalling sumptuous past

Bronze is the most prestigious material you can choose for windows, doors, and hardware. Look more closely each elements: hardware, for example, is a very important part of achieving the perfect look for your house. Bronze hardware, bronze windows and doors can create that something special and different making your home exclusive, unique and one of a kind.


Bronze is ancient material, it simply looks sensational on the exterior of a building, as you have surely seen on the great doors of many Italian and European churches or elegant public building. Just think about the St. John’s Baptistry in Florence and its three bronze doors. There’s no more famous and celebrated door than the one made in bronze by Lorenzo Ghiberti during the early Renaissance, the same called “the Gate of Paradise” (Porta del Paradiso) by Michelangelo.


Solid bronze was also widely used in the early 1900, it was the noble’s choice for the hardware in the carefully detailed England and America’s homes of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Nowadays it represents one of the most timeless and functional material, the perfect one to realize your project, from an high-end estate to a company headquarter.


Bronze windows and doors are virtually unlimited (ideal for marine environments), as well as very beautiful. Every detail made in bronze can enhance the curb appeal of the structure, improving also with exposure to the elements. It ages gracefully, describing new and elegant patina. Our hardware, windows, and doors are produced to meet your aesthetic needs and design goals, and that’s why we allow our clients to choose from a vast array of color palettes and finishes.


The artisanal touch, who makes a product exclusive and valuable, on Bronze windows and doors is extended not only to the window manufacturing but, also to the patina. It is there where our craftsmen find the richest humus to express their abilities and artisanal sense with finishes that are unique and exclusiveThe resulted patinas besides being of unparalleled beauty, are unlimited masterpieces. A single scratch, on bronze windows, disappears over time as it's not a coloration but the natural process of a completely self-protective alloy.


Traditional and contemporary, bronze is the utmost definition of luxury. Contact us now and discover our continue research of solutions for quality furnishing, we are already listening to you. Our mission is to brighten your everyday, exalting your own refined style.


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What is the best material for your luxury windows and doors?

The choice of materials isn’t simple because the same element must respond to many needs. Aesthetic look, energy efficiency, insulation capacity and safety. We can enhance your project with a selection of natural, prestigious and timeless materials, such as steel, architectural bronze, stainless steel, wood clad, always providing for high resistance and long-lasting durability (with low maintenance). Each material is elevated by several custom patinas, obtained by the artistic sense of our craftsmen, where each surface is unique and exclusive for an unparalleled charm. We’re here to help you discovering all the characteristic of each material.

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