COMEP, window and door manufacturers, luxury fenestration made in Italy

COMEP is an Italian thermally broken window and door manufacturer company. We always look for the best solution to exalt your everyday living, with beautifully designed, comfortable, and energy-efficient products. We can offer the maximum standards of excellence in the residential and commercial windows, doors and facades. Our handcrafted approach is intended to design the perfect custom window and door, each piece we realize is one of a kind, the result of the hard work of our craftsmen combined with their strong passion. We believe in architecture as the most important art, because it is the only art allowing you to live in a personal masterpiece. That’s why we aim to support Architects and Designers and become your solution provider, by supplying Thermally Broken Steel and Bronze windows and doors which not only preserve the design intent, but enhance each project without compromising the aesthetic of the building performance. We’re sure we can meet your desires and needs, elaborating a solution that perfectly suits your wishes, while proposing a prestigious, handmade, durable and sustainable product.

We are a family of artisans combining the best today's Modern Production methods, and techniques, with multi-generation old-world craftsmanship. This unique “marriage” of Old and New, is what truly differentiates us from other manufacturers around the globe. Our experience on the steel and bronze windows lasts and continues for years and, while many other steel window manufacturers were still producing from the outdated and antiquated hot-rolled sections, with an eye focused on the future, COMEP was pioneering the marketing and production of the very First Thermally Broken Steel Windows and DoorsToday, we continue our role as a leader and innovator in the production of Thermally Broken Fenestration. Sightlines reminiscent of “old world” design, but with products that are now able to meet today's most stringent performance standards/requirements. Discover the freedom to create, get inspired watching our portfolio, enjoy our collection, and start dreaming about your new home.