• COnstruction MEtal Pellegrin, Your Vision Our Mission!

  • COnstruction MEtal Pellegrin, Your Vision Our Mission!

  • COnstruction MEtal Pellegrin, Your Vision Our Mission!

  • COnstruction MEtal Pellegrin, Your Vision Our Mission!

COnstruction MEtal Pellegrin, Your Vision Our Mission!

At COMEP we take great pride in our contribution to your project by manufacturing windows and doors of impeccable quality, that are both timeless and elegant. Pellegrin is more than our family name! It is our pledge to each and every client that the delivered product will arrive without compromise!  "In italia siamo appassionati di molte cose!  In Italy we are passionate about many things " It can be Art, Food, Love, Music, Architecture, or simply Life! At COMEP, we are passionate about Windows and Doors and the true artisanal process we engage in daily while creating some of the finest products of this type ever produced. COMEP, is a place where our artisans are encouraged to express their talent in transforming noble materials such as steel and bronze into luxury windows and doors. The result of their dedication and brilliance is a finished product that is a rare combination of unequaled elegance and functionality. What we realize is one of a kind, the result of our team's hard work and a strong passion for everything related to challenges, creativity, and handmade. Our goal is to meet any design challenges, combining the traditional Made in Italy style with the hand-crafted feeling.

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Doors and windows are one of the most important part of any structure

Even before the masters such as Palladio, Le Corbusier, Gropius, Mis van der Rohe, the world's designers understood the importance of light and air, and how it directly resulted into the wellness and character of any structure.


Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, today’s accomplished designers recognize the same benefits the minimal sightlines of steel and bronze fenestration afford not only the end user, but those who merely witness it. Bringing the outside world in and doing so with unmatched elegance, we work to bring your vision to light, both literally and figuratively. 

Together we can shape each element in order to fit perfectly your expectations and desires: our handcrafted approach is intended to produce the perfect custom doors and windows, made to measure and one of a kind.



Our ambition is to produce minimal windows made of luxury materials that exalt and meet all the architectural challenges enhancing the charm of your project. Customize your windows with your favorite material and frame, our mission is to achieve the best result in aesthetic style and performances.


Open your door to the perfect mix between tradition and elegance. Give a superb curb appeal to your house, define your style through a handmade masterpiece of unparalleled beauty. Let the natural light sculpt your new dimension.

What is the best material for your luxury windows and doors?

The choice of materials isn’t simple because the same element must respond to many needs. Aesthetic look, energy efficiency, insulation capacity and safety. We can enhance your project with a selection of natural, prestigious and timeless materials, such as steel, architectural bronze, stainless steel, wood clad, always providing for high resistance and long-lasting durability (with low maintenance). Each material is elevated by several custom patinas, obtained by the artistic sense of our craftsmen, where each surface is unique and exclusive for an unparalleled charm. We’re here to help you discovering all the characteristic of each material.

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There’s no limit to your imagination, get ready to start shaping your masterpiece.

Discover the infinite combinations and possibilities, starting from the materials (architectural bronze, steel, stainless steel, corten and wood clad), up to the definition of glazing and frames and all the dedicated hardware options. Luxury is also a matter of details.


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Do You Need a Personal Solution for Your Windows?

Our handcrafted approach is intended to create your tailored masterpiece. Our great experience, combined with the strong passion of our engineers and craftsmen, can meet your expectations and all your needs. Enhance your lifestyle with the natural light and discover the power of your imagination.