Thermally Broken Steel vs Aluminum

The steel windows are more expensive than aluminum windows, but there are a host of reasons for this, which must be factored in to realize the savings incurred over the long haul.

A major factor in the cost is the labor involved. Steel window frames are fully welded, with those welds then ground smooth at all the joints, corners and muntin intersections. This is a very labor-intensive process and takes time. Steel windows are crafted, not built so, when you look at them, you will have the feeling of the handmade product not the industrial one.

Once the frames are welded and ground smooth, a comprehensive multi-stage finishing process occurs in order to protect the steel frame from rust and corrosion. Aluminum windows, on the other hand, are simply cut to length from pre-painted extrusions and screwed together into frames. This assembly process, with mechanically fastened corners that can fail and exposed aluminum at the cut ends, leaves aluminum windows vulnerable structurally and prone to failure over time.

The labor process aside, steel window frames are strong. In fact, steel is more than three times stronger than aluminum windows and it ensures the absolute indeformability of the frames over the time.

As a result, the glass area can be maximized since window parts can be made extremely thin. This provides for slender sightlines and incredible versatility – adding beauty and uniqueness to any building, structure or homes, and evoking any kind of look desired, from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern, and everything in between.

This strength also means they provide more protection than any other window type against intruders and fire.

In short, steel windows form the face of any building or home, contributing unparalleled charm, style, elegance, as well as strength and security.

Now factor in the life-cycle of steel windows versus aluminum windows, and herein is where you will find your value. Steel windows offer unsurpassed durability: Popular in Europe, original steel windows are apparent in buildings that are more than a century old. They stand the test of time with far more grace than most other materials.

So consider these life-cycle costs, and you’ll quickly notice how the choice of steel windows actually costs less in the long run.

Finally is important to think about also on the thermal performance: steel has a thermal conductivity four times lower than the aluminum ensuring a better performance for energy savings of your home.

Remember, steel window manufacturing is an art. And with any art, there is an initial price to pay, but a significant return on investment over time.

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