Qualisteelcoat – A superior durability

Qualisteelcoat – A superior durability

First Company in Europe, Comep’s staff achieved the qualisteelcoat certification which guarantees a superior durability of its Powder coated steel products and lower maintenance costs.

The qualisteelcoat is a global mark which certifies that the complete process of painting is strictly regulated in each phase to ensure the endurance to the different corrosion classes.

For the first time ever we are able to offer three different endurance options to corrosion:

  • Class C3: This is the basic treatment suitable for urban and industrial armospheres and coastal areas with low salinity.
  • Class C4: This is the medium treatment suitable for Industrail areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity.
  • Class C5: This is the premium treatment, the best achievable, suitable for coastal and offshore areas with high salinity.

Corrosivity Classification OverviewThanks to qualisteelcoat the COMEP’s warranty is fully recognized and certified by a worldwide organization.


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