Metal Wood

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Feeling the Warmth of Wood

inside our home without having to forego the advantages of metal is a reality today: it is called MetalloLegno, the thermal break system in which wood and steel join to create something unique and exclusive.

Metal Wood, the warmth of wood combined with the strength of steel!

  • Thermally broken frames
  • Maximum customization of the internal cladding
  • Internal cladding can be replaced without dismantling the frame
  • Absolute certainty of duration: the wood being on the inside is never exposed to weather damage
  • The structural rigidity of the steel makes it possible to have windows and doors with minimal visual sizes
  • Triple gasket
  • Hardware for Tilt/Turn openings

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Thanks to the use of materials like painted steel, cor-ten steel, stainless steel and bronze, wood can at last be used to create large windows and doors with small exposed sections.

Create Large Glass Surface

Its slender profiles and the simplicity of their configuration make it possible to create large glass surfaces with minimal visual clutter.

Steel System Frame

Unlike  Ordinary  Wooden Windows and Doors

MetalloLegno has low maintenance costs, because the wood, available in different finishes,
is never exposed to bad weather and completely isolated from the outside environment by the thermal break,
thus reducing the dilatation typical of this material.