Windows allow light and air to enter and flow between indoors and outdoors. Comep’s Steel and Bronze Windows enhance the Architecture of your home and determine its added value thanks to thousand of high end finishes, narrow sight-line and the timeless feeling of the craft and sartorial product.

  • In-swing and Out-swing openings
  • Casement or tilt and turn configurations
  • Multi-point locking mechanism
  • Rectangular, arched and trapezoidal shapes
  • High-performance for air, water and wind

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Materials and Frames 

Materials can be freely combined between the indoor and outdoor



Benefits of Steel Windows

Define the stylistic and comfort character of your home

Custom finishes

All the 4 materials can be customized with different patinas or colors

Thermally Broken

High levels of thermal and acoustic insulation give your rooms a bright and comfortable atmosphere


Timeless feeling of the handmade and sartorial product which exalts the Architecture of your home

Make Better Your Environment with Steel Windows

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