STEEL: a combination of competence, simplicity and creativity.

The corrosion is dramatically reduced by the use of galvanized steel frames with a GZ200 hot zinc coating.
The subsequent powder coating is comply with the qualisteelcoat requirements and offers a superior durability with lower maintenance costs than the standard painted steel treatments.
Comep's steel windows are available in three different levels of corrosion resistance:

  • Class C3: This is the basic treatment suitable for urban and industrial armospheres and coastal areas with low salinity.
  • Class C4: This is the medium treatment suitable for Industrail areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity.
  • Class C5: This is the premium treatment, the best achievable, suitable for coastal and offshore areas with high salinity.

Our Painted Steel option comes coated with your selection of any of our numerous RAL colors or a custom color of your own applied as a brilliant and durable powder coat.

Painted Steel

Features & Benefits

Painted Steel is an Indispensable Architectural Element thanks to its amazing versatility.

Superior Strength

3 times higher than aluminum allows narrow sight-lines and unmatched indeformability

Thermal Conductivity

4 times lower than aluminum for supreme thermal and acustic performance

Custom Finishes

Offered in countless colors to match your personal style

Choose from many Frames

Steel is well-known for its physical properties of durability and slender frames which offers the opportunity to design bigger and bigger openings.

Painted Steel Profile and Frames


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