CORTEN STEEL, a combination of durability, hardness and style.

Aesthetically perfect for the restoration of historical buildings thanks to the sensation of returning to the past that it communicates.

Perfect for modern architecture, performing best when structural strength is required alongside aesthetic appeal, thus fulfilling all possible design requirements.

  • High aesthetic value due to unique and exclusive properties
  • Ten times more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steels, also for uses in critical situations
  • Absolute guarantee of long life and low maintenance costs
  • Natural material, 100% unlimited recyclability
Cor-ten Steel

Features & Benefits

The physical and aesthetic qualities of Cor-Ten can offer unique and exclusive fixtures. High strength, self-passivating alloy of Copper, Chrome and Phosphorus, with typically high resistance to corrosion (Cor-rosion) and tensile yield (Ten-sile)


Highly Resistant

Very highly resistant  structure and maintenance of form over time

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity up to four times lower than aluminum

Low Dilatation

Low dilatation coefficient

Choose from many Frames

One particular characteristic of Cor-Ten is natural oxidation in contact with the air: instead of continuing to corrode the material it stops, forming a protective layer which does not change over time. This natural process can be accelerated using oxidizing baths : these do not alter the physical features of the material but make it possible to obtain a unique finish with a porous surface whose warm brown and orange tones evoke an idea of time passing.

Corten Profile

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