Infinities, the best combination of environment and elegance!

Strong aesthetic and architectural value

  • Increases energy performance
  • Can include photovoltaic panels
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Low maintenance costs

We are able to include photovoltaic panels, perfectly integrated into the facade, guaranteeing that Infinities not only reduces energy consumption but also generates renewable energy.

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A cladding system made of thermal break slats, available in four different materials: painted steel, cor-ten steel, stainless steel and bronze, giving your home an added value in terms of aesthetics, structure and optimization of energy flow between the interior and exterior environments.

Materials Avaibles

Thanks to interaction between the insulation and natural ventilation, Infinities is the best solution for achieving a perceptible improvement in thermal performance, suitable for both new buildings and upgrading the energy efficiency of existing casings.


Customized Solutions for Interior Design

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