BRONZE for Windows and Doors.

Beauty, Light and Heat

Aesthetically perfect for the restoration of historical buildings thanks to the sensation of returning to the past that it communicates.


Elegance of Natural Material

A special feature of this particular alloy, used since the 17th century, is that it oxidizes on contact with air without altering its physical properties.

This natural process is accelerated by burnishing and the alloy thus assumes the typical antique bronze finish, with warm and elegant tone variation, which is not the result of coloring but of a self-protecting chemical process that does not damage the features of the material.

Benefits of Bronze

A combination of art, style and tradition. It fits beautifully into modern architecture, and is perfect for restoration of historic buildings, as an element in the creation of unique and exclusive works.

  • Tradition and elegance, for prestigious architectural solutions.
  • Variable surface appearance such as copper bronze (copper green),
  • Bronze with shiny medium or dark burnishing, typical of antique bronze
  • High resistance to corrosion, even in marine environments
  • Absolute guarantee of long-lasting durability and low maintenance costs
  • Natural 100% recyclable material

Choose from many Frames

For the construction of our bronze windows and doors, we use the copper alloy OT/67 in which the high percentage of copper (67%) helps to significantly increase the material’s inherent high quality.

Bronze Frame fo Steel Windows

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