HTS | The new thermally broken steel

HTS | The new thermally broken steel

When you think about your steel window it is probably the object that exalts better the architecture of your home, It is the product that immediately capture your eyes.

Introducing Historic Thermal Steel (HTS) we wanted to offer a product able to meet the needs of the contemporary architecture combining the uniqueness worth of the hot rolled steel window design to a modern comfort.

HTS is the result of this approach. By the integration of its shape and the new thermal technologies, HTS is definitively designed to evoke grammatically the same style of the hot rolled solid windows maintaining an extraordinary insulation property.

HTS is completely designed to be extremely flexible and for the first time ever the room between the frames offers a superior tolerance as never before on other competitive products.

It is surely the best option on those projects where there is the need to preserve the character of national heritage buildings.

Today we feel ourselves a little more proud to be the first steel manufacturer able to offer three different thermally broken steel frames in the USA


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