Benefits of Corten Windows and Doors

The installation of Thermally Broken Windows and Doors in Corten Steel, now, is completed. The singular feature of Corten is its natural process of oxidation upon exposure to air, which instead to continuing to corrode the material, stops and form a particular patina with a striking aesthetic effect. At the end of this natural process, every single square centimeter of corten has differing hues and each piece is therefore unique and exlusive.This natural process, from the natural state to the formation of and stabilisation of the protective layer, may take anywhere from 1 to 4 years depending on the harshness of the environment.Thanks to a particular process we are able to provide Corten Steel Windows and Doors pre-treated with a certain stabilised protective patina. It is obviously impossible to know if the patina formation process is at 50-70 or 90%, also because it depends on the harshness of the environment where the Steel Windows and Doors will be installed.

This special material isn’t the result of a painting but an extraordinary natural process which that makes it unique. Its great resistance to the corrosion agents makes the Corten Steel Windows and Doors to have an unlimited duration and they need of a minimum of maintenance that could be makes by everybody during the normal process of windows washing.

Below, you can find a video about the latest installation of Thermally Broken Windows and Doors in Corten Steel.

Below some advantages that you can have from the purchasing of Corten Steel Windows and Doors: